Exterior: Front Entry Facelift & Back Porch Addition

Charlotte, NC

Architect/Designer: Don Duffy Architecture
Photographer: David Ramsey Photography
Categories & Options: Remodels

The owners of this beautiful south Charlotte home wanted to update their front entry and expand their outdoor living space in the rear of the home without compromising the sweet charm of their secluded backyard sanctuary.  The entire 21’ high exterior of the front entry was cladded in pre-cast stone with a cantilevered porch overhang.  Six foot wide double mahogany doors with custom door handles, double action sliding floor and overhead locks were installed to serve as the grand entrance. 

The rear porch was built from the ground up over an existing bluestone patio.  The existing pool deck was expanded to connect it with the porch, creating room for additional seating around the pool.  The porch, complete with a T&G bead board barrel ceiling, custom designed railing system on the 2nd level, down lights at each column and an antique inspired exterior chandelier, is the perfect spot for the homeowners to relax and entertain year round, rain or shine.  

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