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Historic Home Renovations in Charlotte & Boone, NC

Owning a historic home requires careful consideration of general contractors when you decide it’s time to update or renovate. The skilled craft, personalized service, and attention to detail at Andrew Roby ensure that your historic restoration or remodeling project will honor the past while making you comfortable for the future.

Andrew Roby remodels historic homes in Charlotte and throughout North Carolina. We consult with respected preservation architects and work closely with our clients to ensure that the finished results will please both the homeowner and the community.

Request a consultation or call us at 704-334-5477 in Charlotte, or in Boone at 828-963-4747, to learn more about our historic renovation services.

Historic Home Remodeling

Although registered landmarks can be notorious for red tape when it comes to home improvements, it is indeed possible to find a remodeling contractor who can deliver the changes you want while faithfully conforming to the permit and regulation process.

Andrew Roby’s team of knowledgeable carpenters, masons, tile setters, and historic renovation specialists can transform your home while maintaining or tweaking the existing design and architecture.

Our historic and antique home remodeling services include:

  • Sourcing rare, antique, and vintage materials
  • Period-specific woodworking and building techniques
  • Replacing and adding historic crown molding, stair rails, fireplaces
  • Layout alterations for historic homes
  • Window and door replacements
  • Historic restoration of exteriors
  • Kitchen remodeling for antique homes
  • Master suite additions for vintage homes

Our Award-Winning Historic Renovations in Charlotte & Boone

Andrew Roby has been recognized by the American Institute of Architects and the Remodeler’s Council for our remodeling work on historic landmarks in North Carolina.

Our portfolio of historic renovations includes significant architecture from centuries past:

  • Dr. George E. Davis House at Johnson C. Smith University (built 1890s)
  • Latta Place (built 1800)
  • John Dinkins House and Lodge (built 1800)
  • Rosedale Plantation (built 1815)
  • Chairman Blake House (built 1861)
  • John Price Carr House (built 1904)

Andrew Roby Signature Homes

Andrew Roby can also help create history. Andrew Roby Signature Homes builds one-of-a-kind new construction homes in the Charlotte and Boone areas with a level of fine craftsmanship rarely found these days.

Contact Us for Historic Renovations in Charlotte & Boone

Finding the right architect and contractor may be the most critical step in remodeling an old home. We invite you to speak with our team about any special considerations and your goals for renovation or restoration.

Please contact us online to set up a consultation, or call our Charlotte office at 704-334-5477 or our Boone office at 828-963-4747.