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Frances Clardy

Andrew Roby has been servicing my home since 2003. I want to thank Andrew Roby and Senior Project Manager, Brian Storm, for excellent and reliable assistance with my home repairs over the last decade. My house, built in the 1940’s, has increasingly needed repairs, and Brian has always responded quickly to a range of problems. The repairs he has managed include replacing the furnace and air conditioning unit, vaporizing the basement, removing mold, replacing gutters and outdoor lighting, repairing the roof, repairing electrical issues and fixing the outdoor fencing.  In each case, Brian has advised me on the most economical repairs. Three particular projects that demonstrate Brian’s good work include:

1. Fallen ceiling: A plumber (not affiliated with Andrew Roby) installed a faulty intake pipe, resulting in the flooding of my living room and den. I had extensive damage, and Brian saw that everything was repaired as quickly as possible. The repairs were excellent.

2. Mold in the basement: I called someone recommended on Angie’s List. He said I needed extensive structural repairs and to waterproof my basement. I next called Brian. He said I actually needed very few structural repairs and should remove the mold and vaporize the room instead of waterproofing. This saved me thousands of dollars! Brian inspected the basement after the job was considered complete. Dissatisfied with the work, he had the workmen return to complete the job properly.

3. Roof: For years we had roof leaks. We were told by every roofer that the tiles on our roof were no longer manufactured and we would have to replace the whole roof. We patched the areas where it leaked to avoid purchasing a new roof. About 18 months ago, the ceilings began to leak again. Brian was able to get the tiles that were supposedly no longer manufactured. He repaired the roof at a very good price and it has never leaked again.

I consistently recommend Brian Storm of Andrew Roby who is quick to respond, has excellent workers, and can fix any problem. It is wonderful to have someone I trust who gives honest advice.

It is wonderful to have someone I trust who gives honest advice.

Nik Radovanovic, G&H Architect Builders

When selecting a general contractor I want to feel that I’m working with a partner - someone that clearly understands the design intent and has the client’s best interest at heart. I have interviewed several GC’s and choose Andrew Roby not only because of a their well-deserved reputation for high quality work, but because they understand that successful outcomes rely on a high degree of collaboration between owner, architect and builder.

I have interviewed several GC’s and choose Andrew Roby.

Dick & Donna Johnson

Donna and I have had a 15 year relationship with Andrew Roby. They have remodeled our home on Lake Norman and continue to provide all repair and upkeep projects for our house at the lake. In 2007/2008, Andrew Roby totally remodeled our 6,000 square foot office/gallery space on Liverpool Parkway in Cornelius. This was a major project and we continue to receive compliments from all who have the opportunity to see the space. In 2012/2013, Andrew Roby opened an office in Boone, NC and they recently completed our new 6,000 + square foot dream home in the mountains. From our first project, Andrew Roby has been more than a construction company. They are our friends and they have treated us more like family than clients. They have earned our trust and confidence and we believe they are an important part of our family. Our relationship now includes both of our sons who have also used the company to do major remodeling projects.  The Johnson family believes that when you use Andrew Roby, you have a trusted partner for life.

The Johnson family believes that when you use Andrew Roby, you have a trusted partner for life.

Bill & Marianne Berry

We were so pleased with the level of workmanship, the reliability of service, and the excellent communication skills on the major renovation of our Lake Norman house, that we would have no other than Andrew Roby build our coastal home as well.  Over the 10 years we have been working with Andrew Roby, they have proved to be consistent, thorough, and extremely accommodating through all of our home upkeep projects ranging from a leaky faucet to antique curved wood beams placed on a living room ceiling.  We are so glad that Andrew Roby has our back!  

We are so glad that Andrew Roby has our back!

Justin & Hope Gough

Thank you to everyone at Andrew Roby who was involved with our master bathroom renovation.  I have worked with several contractors in the past, but the folks at Andrew Roby are bar none the best in the business in delivering a quality product.  They are service oriented and it showed from the top of the management staff down through the superintendents.  I appreciated everything from the transparency of the negotiations, excellent workmanship and ultimately the finished product.  Without a doubt, we will be using Andrew Roby for future renovation and construction needs.

The folks at Andrew Roby are bar none the best in the business in delivering a quality product.

Jim Murchison

Thank you so much for recommending Andrew Roby to fix my squeaky hardwood floors. Drew Devine came out to evaluate the situation.  The cost for the project was $840, which I thought was very reasonable.  Most of the work had to be done from the crawl space under the house, which is not fun when the outside temperature is in the 90s.  After his workers completed their work, Drew came out again to inspect the work to make sure my problems were resolved.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with their work.  They were highly competent and professional.  I will surely call on them again if I have a need in their areas of expertise.

They were highly competent and professional.

Paulette Wright

I became acquainted with Andrew Roby last year when I needed to have what I thought was going to be a minor job where I had some floor in my master bedroom which was rotted and needed to be replaced.  I found Andrew Roby simply by looking on the Internet and reading about their credentials and years of service, and hoped that I was doing the right thing by calling them.  I am pleased to say that I truly made the correct decision.  Our job turned out to be a "major" job instead of a minor job.  Due to the result of bad work from another contractor, not only was the floor rotted, but the entire wall in the master bedroom was rotted and needed to be replaced and the ceiling on the lower floor had to be reinforced.  With the help of Drew Devine explaining the entire process of the job and pricing, along with the superintendent being onsite almost daily, the job was done in a very professional and efficient manner.  The workers were always on time and worked very professionally each and every day that they were onsite.  I could not be more pleased with how it turned out.  If fact, a couple months later I contacted Drew again, and asked him to come back to my home to remodel my downstairs bathroom.  This job was done in two days and to my satisfaction as well.  I would highly recommend Andrew Roby for all of your renovation needs.

I would highly recommend Andrew Roby for all of your renovation needs.

Kathleen Cunningham

We have been using Andrew Roby for the last 3 years.  I manage a large estate home for a businessman and his family here in Charlotte, and was introduced to Andrew Roby during a possible kitchen renovation.  Although that project was indefinitely postponed, I have used their services ever since.  As with any large estate, maintenance is an ongoing issue, and Andrew Roby has been more than helpful in every regard, whether it be to build something new, fix something or make suggestions.  Although our needs started off relatively simple, I have come to depend on Andrew Roby for much more.  I can depend on them to arrange for all of our needs, such as electric, plumbing, painting, windows, sheetrock, design, AC/Heating, structural engineering, etc.   Andrew Roby is my one-stop-shop.  The guys are the best to work with.  Not only are they dependable, competent, efficient and productive, but they are respectful, polite and a pleasure to work with.  It is my hope to continue my working relationship with Andrew Roby for a long time.  I highly recommend them to anyone who is need of their services.

Andrew Roby is my one-stop-shop.

Frank & Linda McGuire

We have had Andrew Roby do many little projects for us over the years, and have been very happy with the results and the customer service.  When we have had questions, Andrew Roby took the time to understand our concerns and address them with satisfaction.  One project was a fairly high dollar one for us.  Both bathrooms were redone, the floors were redone from carpet to wood in much of the house and to ceramic in the bathrooms.  The whole house was painted and the old tired ceilings were redone to remove the popcorn and then repaint.  The results were very satisfying.  The quality is excellent and the price was competitive.  All staff was great to work with and made us feel as if we were the most important customers.

All staff was great to work with and made us feel as if we were the most important customers.


The advantage of using Andrew Roby is that you have one contact person to guide you through the estimates, the actual work and any follow up, which is a huge convenience. Their work is top rate and consistent.  My most recent work was led by Alex and Beau in Charlotte, and Jeff's team just completed work on my mountain home.  I was thrilled to see the 'red trucks' in the mountains!

Their work is top rate and consistent.

Carrie Bumgarner

After 25 years in our home, we were finally able to remodel the kitchen!  We selected Andrew Roby to do the work and are very pleased with the results. Alex, Troy and Paul all worked as a great team ensuring that we knew what was going on and when we could expect each process to happen. I did have a couple of changes in the middle of everything and they were handled professionally and smoothly. Their main focus was to make sure I was happy with the way my kitchen was coming together. If they saw a way to make it better, it was suggested. If there was an option to help keep the project on budget, I was told of the option. We were very pleased with the entire process. Yes, it was a mess for a while, but after it was all done, Andrew Roby hired a cleaning crew to come in and clean up and dust my house!  My husband and I have already recommended Andrew Roby to a friend that is wanting to remodel her kitchen.

Their main focus was to make sure I was happy with the way my kitchen was coming together.

Linda Norman

I would like to take a moment to thank the entire Andrew Roby team for the excellent work completed recently remodeling our condo.  All work was done on time and met all of the quality requirements my husband and I expected.  Will Henson, Project Manager, and Troy Dechert, Executive Superintendent, were very thorough when providing quotations and information, meeting every promise they committed too.  We certainly would recommend this organization to anyone.  

We certainly would recommend this organization to anyone.

Tracy Bradshaw

My kitchen transformation all started with an idea torn out of a magazine.  It ended with an amazing transformation that exceeded my expectations, aligned with my budget and was respectful to my request to remain eco-friendly with what I had to work with.  From start to finish, my experience with Andrew Roby was wonderful.  What mattered most to me was consistent communication, working with the BEST vendors possible to achieve excellent quality and finishing with a beautiful kitchen.  I got what I asked for and more!  I would highly recommend the professionals at Andrew Roby for ANY project!  I enjoyed working with Dominick and Bo, who guided me well.  I look forward to my next project with them soon!

I would highly recommend the professionals at Andrew Roby for ANY project!

Mike & Sherree McSherry

We want to express our deepest thanks for the excellent job here at our home.  Travis is a delight.  It must run in the family.  The other men that worked here were complete gentlemen and a pleasure to work with.  I don’t think I have ever had anyone as clean and meticulous with their work as I saw with these guys.  I appreciate the professional manner in which they handled themselves.

Excellent job.

Patty Daddona

We were extremely pleased with both Bobby and Mike and the manner in which they worked, asked for input and the professionalism they brought to the job.  The second day of work, I returned home shortly after they had gotten started.  Bobby was quick to call me over to tell me he was not comfortable with the way the drain flow was originally laid out.  He stated the more he thought about it, to do the job properly we would need to add another drain going off towards our shed.  You might remember that this is the drain we decided not to dig as it might jeopardize our treasured Japanese maple.  When I explained this to Bobby, he assured me he would personally hand dig the trench and dig under any roots he encountered.  True to his word, he dug a proper drain with no harm to the tree roots.  We have had several hard rains since the new drains have been installed and I’m pleased to report that all is draining and flowing well.  Thanks again for a job well done.

Thank you for a job well done.

Marianne Berry

You are doing an incredible job of keeping the site extraordinarily organized and on target.  I truly and sincerely could not be in better hands.

I couldn't be in better hands.

Diane Schroeder, President - The Kimberlee

The Board of Directors wishes to thank you for all the work that was done by your employees during the recent installation of our sliding glass doors.  Your employees were polite, clean and eager to please.  We were impressed that they continually cleaned up their work space and did not leave any dirt or other messes on our balconies, halls or in the yard.  The grass in our yard was protected by boards placed under the lift.  Your employees displayed a real team effort.  We were very impressed with Alex’s “can do” attitude and the lady who did the touch up painting.  Thanks again for an excellent job and the impressive work ethic shown by your employees.

Thanks again for an excellent job and the impressive work ethic shown by your employees.

Jan Carnoustie

Travis Haston has done so much work for me over the past 11 years that I probably cannot remember it all!  He built our screened in porch, remodeled our master bath, remodeled our kitchen, remodeled our pool deck, and beginning next Monday he will be reconstructing our entrance.  In the meantime, I call him for various maintenance projects and he always treats me like his largest client.  The work is outstanding, the service impeccable.  I can’t say enough wonderful things about Andrew Roby.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Andrew Roby.

Ben Yarbrough

Contractor follow up is an important reason to go with a good, well established firm.  I had this discussion this past weekend with another home renovator.  They agreed.  Support after the project is huge.  Thank you, I think that this is not understood by most first-time major renovators.

Contractor follow up is an important reason to go with a good, well established firm.